Who are we?

Founded in 2011, Dekonil has made it its mission to create hundred percent satisfaction of its counselee and clients since the first day. Our journey, which has continued to grow in the last 10 years, has made its name known to Turkey and the world with our four new branches. With the wallpaper production agreement, we signed with Decowall in 2021, we expanded our service network to a much wider area. Our journey, which first started in Turkey, now continues with our regular export activities to every region of Europe. Our traditional sales points, our service network is spread over a very wide area with our work on e-commerce channels and digital media. Our main goal in the thousands of houses, workplaces, offices, and corporate buildings we decorate is to make these areas where we spend time more livable. In this sense, we strive to renew our works, products, and thoughts in order to go further in each passing time period.


To provide our customers with easy access to their needs through a wide variety, price advantage, convenient payment terms and good service, and as a result, help them improve their homes and lifestyles, developing the e-commerce market.

As in previous years, our biggest mission is to meet the expectations of our customers perfectly. Our understanding of customer satisfaction, quality, and friendly service, which we have adopted as a principle since the day we were founded, continues to increase. While we carry out the most accurate works in order to beautify your living spaces, both in our stores and in our e-commerce environments, we also want to display the most suitable products for you in the easiest way. In this sense, we are working day and night to make our e-commerce sales areas much more comprehensive.

To provide ideas and solutions for people to improve their homes and to develop their living standards.


The place that we gained in the world market in the past years was a very positive development for our company and our country. Our main goal in the future is to represent our country in the best way in the field of decoration and to be the number one company in the world.

Our Activity Areas

Architectural Decoration and e-commerce in serving our company also has a strong dealer network and export activities. Dekonil as we are in all of the virtual marketplace. The main stores with Dekonil products are  Trendyol.

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