MDF Profiles

MDF Wainscoting MDF wain/pvc-wall-panelced by mixing various wood fibers and compressing them. After the production of MDF wainscoting, it is covered with PVC, and various decorative looks are achieved. The most significant difference of MDF wainscoting from other wainscoting is its wide range of colors. In contrast to wood colors, it offers multiple color options such as navy, gray and shades, warm colors close to orange and red. MDF wainscoting is impact-resistant but is affected by water and moisture. If you are considering applying wainscoting in a wet area, you can choose our polymer or exterior wainscoting.

MDF Separator

MDF separators are generally used in areas where decoration and harmony are sought. With MDF separator models, you can create decorations in the form of partitions or room dividers. Separators with a wide range of uses are suitable for home-type places as well as office-type use. Also known as room divider paravans, they are also preferred to cover unwanted areas. Recently, MDF separators have become a trend again, frequently chosen for creating corridors and cabins. By using them in places that can be considered lost areas in homes/offices, they contribute to efficiency and can be designed as a multi-purpose home item, providing both a modern and nostalgic (vintage) look.

MDF Baseboard

MDF baseboards have been used in homes, workplaces, and other structures for many years. Creating a formal structure by emphasizing the transition between the ceiling and the wall, baseboards are simple yet popular decorative elements. In previous years, baseboards made of the same materials as tiles applied to the walls or floors were used, but in recent years, MDF baseboards have been produced and used. As an essential element that complements the decoration, baseboards have various types based on their structure and shape.

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