Ceiling Panel

PVC Ceiling Panel Models

Easy-to-apply wall panels are applied to the surface with silicone etc. adhesives. PVC ceiling panels with color options can be chosen according to your style. It adds decorative features to the interior and exterior facades of your home, workplace, hotels, shops. PVC-mixed ceiling panels are completely health-friendly. They are resistant to impacts and have a light and flexible feature. Our products can be used both indoors and outdoors. While providing heat and sound insulation, it prevents the formation of moisture and humidity. It is also used for decoration purposes in suspended ceiling systems. The wall panels, which are resistant to chemicals, can be wiped.

Ceiling Panel Features

It is resistant to moisture.
• There is no color change over time and no dyeing.
• It is made of polystyrene material.
• Enables spaces with custom color options.
• It is hygienic and does not harm human health.
• It is the first suspended ceiling material that can be easily cleaned and washed.
• It does not contain dust with its antistatic feature.
• It can be applied indoors and outdoors.
• Provides acoustic performance.
• It provides wide areas with easy to apply and stylish reflection.
• Lightweight and does not load on the ceiling.
• It can be used with suitable lighting materials.
• Provides air circulation in spaces.

Ceiling Panel

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