Poliurethane Molding Models & Prices

You can choose Polyurethane Molding Models according to your taste. The production of Polyurethane Wall and Ceiling Mouldings is 100% domestic.

What are the Features of Polyurethane Molding?

Our paintable Wall and Ceiling Profiles consist of 70% crystal and 30% antijot material. They are Resistant to Impact, Impervious to Moisture and Water, High Quality, Long-lasting, Lightweight, and Easy to Install. Our product is not like the commonly found polystyrene and foam in the market.

How to Apply Polyurethane Molding?

The area to be worked on with polyurethane molding is marked with a pencil. It is then cut with a razor saw or a 45-degree cutting machine according to the marked area. The determined area is glued with high-speed adhesive silicones. After the application is done, you can start the painting process. You can use painted or unpainted wall moldings.

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