3D Wall Panel

Easy-to-apply wall panels are applied to the surface with silicone, etc. adhesives. 3D wall panels with color options can be chosen according to your style. It gives decorative features to the interior and exterior facades of your home, workplace, hotels, shops. PVC mixed wall panels are completely health friendly. It is impact resistant, lightweight and flexible. Our products can be used both indoors and outdoors. While providing heat and sound insulation, it prevents the formation of moisture and humidity. It can be applied to the wall and ceiling. It is also used for decoration purposes in suspended ceiling systems. The wall panels, which are resistant to chemicals, can be wiped.

3d Wall Panel Features 

Our product is 100% Domestic Production and production is carried out with our professional working team.

The product is PVC blended, resistant to impacts and has a slight stretching feature.

Our color options are quite extensive. Red, White, Gold, Silver, Black.

It is easily mounted with silicone and screws.

Our products are used as decorative on the exterior and interior, in your home, hotels and workplaces.

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