PVC Wall Panel

In recent years, new generation flexible PVC wall panels have become the favorite of decoration projects. The main reason for this is the stylish and impressive atmosphere they create in the applied area. Its flexible structure provides ease of use in various places.

What is the New Generation Flexible Wall Panel?

New generation flexible PVC wall panels are decorative elements applied to the walls of homes, used instead of paint. There are many different types of these panels. Light PVC wall panels, which have become popular in recent years, have become one of the top choices for users with the atmosphere they create. These panels, preferred either adjacent or spaced in the areas of use, are easily mounted. Their long lifespan and being made of non-flammable materials are among the other advantages they provide.

What are the Dimensions of New Generation Flexible PVC Wall Panels?

Unlike many wall panels, new generation flexible PVC wall panels are mounted as a single piece, making installation much easier. The standard size of each panel is 3 square meters, and its thickness is 2.2 millimeters. These features create a visual dominance in the applied area.

Where Can New Generation Flexible PVC Panels Be Used?

The usage area of the panels is quite extensive. Interior designers and homeowners often apply them on walls, but these functional panels can actually be utilized in different areas as well. These include:

Office counters
Elevator cabins
Exhibition stands
Store displays
Cinema, theater decors
Kitchen countertopn.

The reason for the wide range of applications is that they are made of non-flammable material and resistant to external factors such as water and moisture. Additionally, being a lightweight product makes the likelihood of physical damage almost negligible

How to Install New Generation Flexible PVC Panels?

The installation of panels is quite easy and quick. Decocim adhesives, specifically designed for these products, are poured into a container and mixed with water to achieve the necessary adhesive consistency. After applying the adhesive mortar to the wall in a measured manner, the back of the product is adhered to the wall, and using a mallet-like tool ensures a tight fit between the product and the wall.

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