Polyurethane Jamb Designs

It aims to protect buildings from every kind of liquid comes from ext. and applied for bring aesthetic in buildings’ external side. These kind of profiles, with the importance which is given to the decoration recent years, are applied vertically to the edges of the windows and doors and in the form of frames on the four sides.

Polyurethane Jamb Features

Because it increases the aesthetic look of the construction, it enriches buildings’ look. These products are a high-resistance insulation material against external factors such as heat and sound, as well as offering an aesthetic beauty to your buildings. This product, which is especially used around windows, gives a higher dimension than the floor. However, for a more decorative appearance, it can be optionally used on the interior.

Polyurethane Jamb Prices

You can look at many models of this product that we have produced for you, and when you find the model that suits you, you can contact us at our contact addresses to get a price quote or detailed information. In this way, we can offer you the product you want in a shorter time and in the best way.

Polyurethane Jamb

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