Paintable Polyurethane Plinth Models and Prices

Polyurethane Plinths are generally accepted as products that are applied to the bottom of the walls and connect the wall and the floor. The general purpose of the Plinth boards is to eliminate the bad image that occurs at the corner ends. In addition to all these, they protect the wall and act as a shield against scratches. Therefore, they are one of the indispensable parts of the house. With the addition of Plinth boards after floor covering processes, a final stylish touch is made to the houses.

However, it is also useful to say that the days when Plinth boards were only used at the bottom of the walls are over. Ceiling Plinth boards are very popular these days!

What is Polyurethane Plinth?


Stylish polyurethane Plinth models provide a solid color ceiling to have a more attractive and pleasant appearance. These products, which animate your homes and add depth to the environment they are in, are also used to refresh the interiors. Applicable to every part of the house, ceiling plinths can have a wide variety of looks. They can also be produced from different materials. Unlike ceiling coverings, Plinth boards do not turn yellow when they are made of quality material. They do not age or eprim. Thus, it is possible to continue to use with the elegance of the first day. The ceiling plinths, which can be positioned according to the desired height and adjusted to the desired height and height, allow you to renew your home at affordable prices and add a fresh air. products are usually made of PVC, which is a hard plastic. They are more useful as they are not plaster or styrofoam.

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