Know us ? 

Dekonil was established in 2011 with an "innovative" product range. It has become a leading manufacturer and solution partner for decoration products in Turkey and worldwide. With a professional team of 60 people, it offers its products developed through R&D efforts for sale through 12 global franchise partners and 10 franchise partners across Turkey. Every year, it maintains its leadership position by expanding with franchise partnerships worldwide. Additionally, it reaches customers through e-commerce and digital media via its official website, Dekonil's core principle is to enhance the livability of thousands of homes, workplaces, offices, and corporate buildings, and it remains focused on bringing innovations to the industry through continuous R&D and innovation efforts.

Our Mission

Our company, established with the aim of supporting customers in enhancing their homes by offering a wide range of products, affordable prices, flexible payment terms, and quality service, prioritizes customer satisfaction and a friendly service approach. Striving to beautify living spaces by conducting the most accurate work in our stores and e-commerce platforms, we workday and night to make our e-commerce sales areas more comprehensive.

Our Vision

In the past years, our success in the global market has contributed to a positive development for our company and our country. Our goal is to represent Turkey excellently in the field of decoration and become a global leader. With the slogan "Your Decoration Expert," we aim to be the first choice that comes to mind.

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