3D Wallpaper

You can find 3D wallpaper models at Dekonil. With 3D wallpapers, you can create a stylish look in your homes, workplaces and common living spaces. You can beautify your living spaces with 3D wallpaper. We are waiting for you on dekonil.com with the current model and price options.

3D Wallpaper Sizes

Our 3D wallpaper models have different sizes.Dimensions of our 3D wallpaper models;  It is about 5 m² - 10 m² - 16 m².

3D Wallpaper Features

Our 3D Wallpaper models are available in light vinyl, heavy vinyl and paper options. Most of our wallpaper models are vinyl based wallpaper. The biggest advantage of being a vinyl-based wallpaper is that it is of higher quality and can be wiped with moist water. Our vinyl-based wallpaper models are long-lasting. Vinyl-based wallpaper models are easy to clean. Our Wallpapers are sold in rolls .

Usage Areas of 3D Wallpaper

You can make a difference in your living spaces with 3D wallpaper models. You can choose your 3D wallpaper models in your homes, workplaces, entertainment centers, cafes. Today, the most preferred application technique is a single wall patterned wallpaper and the other walls are 3D patterned wallpaper. The reason for this is that it gives the environment a sense of depth and a unique appearance. You can use 3D wallpaper behind the TV in your living room, in the part where the dining table is, and in the bedroom

How to Apply 3D Wallpaper?

The measurements of the area where the 3D Wallpaper will be applied are taken. Then, the patterns are cut on the ground side by side and then applied to follow the pattern with the help of glue.

3D Wallpapers

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