Hexagon Akustik Altıgen Karina Kapama Duvar Paneli
Hexagon Akustik Altıgen Karina Kapama Duvar Paneli
Hexagon Akustik Altıgen Karina Kapama Duvar Paneli

Hexagonal Acoustic Hexagonal Hull Covering Wall Panel (AKS-HEXKP7)

Brand : Dekonil
Vat included : $21.30
Discounted : $17.25
Vat included : $17.25
Stock Amount : 500


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Hexagon Acoustic Hexagonal Hull Covering Wall Panel

The width of the Dekonil hexagon wall panel is 65 cm, and its length is 40 cm. The price on the website is for one unit

Dekonil acoustic hexagon wall panels are designed to be impact-resistant and possess sound-absorbing properties. These luxury decorative acoustic hexagon wall panels are specifically crafted for use in balcony, office, hotel, store, and restaurant decorations. Our models of hexagon wall panels are utilized in wall embellishments, offering an elegant touch to various spaces. The products are easy to clean and can be effortlessly assembled.

Hexagon Acoustic Enclosure Wall Panel Features

Product dimensions: Width: 65 cm, (Felt: 9 mm, MDF: 8 mm), Length: 40 cm.

The product's base is made of flexible felt.

The strips on the surface of the product are produced from Wooden MDF.

It has a wipeable surface.

It can be easily adhered with the help of adhesive.

How to Apply Hexagon Acoustic Wall Panel?

Before applying, it is necessary to completely clean the surface from dust and dirt. If there are any damaged or unsuitable areas in the application area, they should be repaired. You can cut the product from the designated areas using tools such as a miter saw, jigsaw, or coping saw. Apply adhesive to the back using a silicone-based adhesive, then affix it to the designated area.

What Does Hexagon Acoustic Wall Panel Do? 

When acoustic materials are added to the surface of a wall or ceiling, they absorb sound waves and reduce the reverberation of sound within the room. The use of acoustic materials minimizes echoes in the environment. Acoustic materials provide the most effective results and allow for aesthetically pleasing designs when applied with a proper placement plan. To absorb sound properly and provide acoustic isolation, acoustic materials should be hung on visible surfaces. The construction of acoustic wall panels does not improve the insulation on the other side of the wall or ceiling and does not prevent the transmission of sound.

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