Decorative lath typically refers to thin strips of wood or other materials that are used for decorative purposes in various architectural and interior design applications. Lath can be applied to walls, ceilings, or furniture to add texture, visual interest, or a traditional look to a space. Here are some common uses of decorative lath:

Walls and Ceilings: Decorative lath can be installed on walls and ceilings to create patterns or add a rustic touch. It is often used in combination with plaster or other finishing

MaterialsFurniture:Lath can be incorporated into furniture design to create unique textures or patterns. It might be used on cabinet doors, drawer fronts, or as decorative elements on furniture pieces.

Exterior Accents:Some architectural styles incorporate decorative lath on the exterior of buildings, adding a decorative layer to the façade. This could be seen in features like gables or trim.

Art and Craft Projects: Crafters and artists may use decorative lath for various DIY projects. It can be painted, stained, or otherwise finished to match the desired aesthetic.

Room Dividers: Lath can be used to create decorative room dividers or screens, providing a visually interesting way to separate spaces

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