Ahşap Seperatör Duvar Bölme Profili 5*5 cm
Ahşap Seperatör Duvar Bölme Profili 5*5 cm
Ahşap Seperatör Duvar Bölme Profili 5*5 cm
Wooden Seperator Wall Partition Profile 5*5 cm

Wooden Seperator Wall Partition Profile 5*5 cm (DS-001)

Brand : Dekonil
Price : $22.11
Discounted : $19.53
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Wooden Seperator Wall Partition Profile 5*5 cm

Wood Separator Features

Width : 5 cm

Depth : 5 cm

Height : 280 cm


Wooden separators are generally used in areas where decoration and harmony are sought. With wooden separator models, you can make decorations in the form of partitions and room divisions. The separators with a wide usage area can be suitable in places such as home type, as well as suitable for office type use. Although it is also known as a room separator screen, it is also preferred for closing areas that are not desired to be seen. Wooden separators, which have been trending again recently; one of the frequently preferred methods for creating corridors and cabinets. In addition to creating efficiency by bringing into use the places that can be described as lost space in the home/office, it can be optionally designed as a multi-purpose household item and gives both a modern and nostalgic (vintage) appearance.


How to Apply a Wood Separator

Wood separator prices vary according to product features. Wooden screen prices are determined according to the dimensions of the product you will buy, the material of the product and similar details. You can place your order on our website to get the advantage of owning the product by examining the detailed information about the prices of wooden partition walls.

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