Dekonil Acoustic Wall Panel 35cm
The width of the panel is 35 cm and the length is 280 cm. Our price on the site is the price for one piece.

Panels has water, moisture and impact resistance. Our luxury decorative paneling profiles model, which are produced for use in bathrooms, balconies, office decorations, hotel decorations are used in both wall decoration and ceiling decoration.
Our products are easy to clean and install.

The Features of Acoustic Panel 
Width : 35 cm , Lenght : 280cm
Our new arrival acoustic panels has sound absorbition which is makes it acoustic feature.



When sound-absorbing materials are apply straight to the wall and ceiling, it absorbs the sound waves and reduce the return of sound to the room and minimize the echo as well. 
Acoustic panels provides the most effective looks when apply with the right way and catch the aesthetic designs. It is importnant to apply it right way.

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