What is Polyurethane Jamb?

What is Polyurethane Jamb?

Which Pieces Can Be Use with Polurethane Jambs?

Polyurethane Corbels; are can be used for decorative piece to catch a aesthetic look. There’s so many places to be used such as balcony, terrace, wall, facade, etc. It provides resistant where it fits. 

Polyurethane Crowns; are can be used for door or wall decorations. Especially, Ottomon Empire used for interior and facade decorations such as public house, caravanserai, mosque and palace. It is also easy to apply. 


Polyurethane Skirtings; are a supplementary decorative product for interior decorations. You can choose design you like for your bottom walls. Polyurethane skirtings are easy to clean and impact resistant. It’s one of our most preffered product due to easy assembly.

Polyurethane Plasterboards;
are used for corners between wall and ceiling. It’s made of paintable meterial and can be used for aesthetic look with polyurethane columns.


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October 23, 2022
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