Unique Wallpaper Design İdeas

Unique Wallpaper Design İdeas

What Is Custom Printed Wallpaper ?

Custom printed wallpaper is a wall covering that can be personalized with a specific pattern, image, or graphic.

With custom printed wallpapers, you can push the boundaries of your imagination and transform your walls into works of art. By transferring images consisting of family photos, favorite paintings, or abstract patterns onto your walls, you can give your spaces a unique identity.

The advantages of custom printed wallpaper include:

  1. Personalization opportunity
  2. Unique design options
  3. Generally durable and long-lasting
  4. No cracking or peeling on walls

So, what should you consider when decorating with custom printed wallpapers?

  1. Choice of design: It's important to decide what kind of impact you want to create on your walls. For a soothing atmosphere, you can opt for nature scenes or calming colors. If you want to create an energetic environment, you can use vibrant colors and lively patterns.

  2. Wall size and lighting: To enlarge a small wall, you can choose light colors and large patterns. To brighten up a dark room, you can use bright colors and sparkling patterns.

  3. Wallpaper material: You can choose from wallpapers made of different materials. Vinyl wallpapers are waterproof and easy to clean.

How to Apply Custom Printed Wallpaper?

Preparation: The first step is to prepare the wall before applying the wallpaper. Remove old paints or wallpapers and sand the wall smoothly. Then, measure the height and width of the wall and cut your wallpaper accordingly.

Preparing the adhesive: Prepare an adhesive compatible with the wallpaper you're applying. Generally, follow the instructions that come with the wallpaper to prepare the adhesive.

Applying the Wallpaper: Before applying the first piece to the wall, draw a vertical line in the middle of the wall. This line will help you to position your wallpaper correctly. Apply the adhesive to the wall and dip the wallpaper into the adhesive. Then, carefully place the wallpaper on the wall, align it with the line, and smooth it out. Use a wallpaper spatula or a clean cloth to remove air bubbles.

Applying the Other Pieces: After applying the first piece, move on to the other pieces. Pay attention to matching the patterns and cut the pieces first, then apply them with adhesive.

Trimming the Edges: Use a knife or scissors to trim the edges of the wallpaper neatly. Be careful not to damage the wall while cutting.

Drying Time: Avoid touching the wallpaper until it's completely dry (usually 24 hours). This will ensure that the wallpaper adheres properly.

Finishing Touches: Once dried, inspect your wallpaper and make any necessary corrections. You can rearrange your room and enjoy the new look.

What You Can Do with Custom Printed Wallpapers:

Children's Rooms: Bring your child's imagination to life by transferring their favorite heroes or fairy tale characters onto the walls.

Bedrooms: For creating a romantic atmosphere, you can use pastel colors and floral patterns.

Living Rooms: In living rooms where you spend quality time with your family, you can create an intimate atmosphere by using landscape photographs or family pictures.



Kitchens: In kitchen decoration, you can create an energetic space by using vegetable and fruit patterns or appetizing colors.

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May 08, 2024
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