Dekonil Wooden Seperator with Decoration ideas

Decorative Wooden Separator

Dekonil Wooden Separator with Decoration Ideas

Wooden separators have been widely used in various areas from past to present. They are used both for wall decorations and as room and space dividers. With their paintability and feature of not fading, wooden separators stand out especially.

Wooden separators with a wide range of applications are frequently preferred in apartments and offices. Also known as room dividers or screens, separators can be used to shield areas that you don't want to be visible. Our wooden separator models add an elegant and modern look to living spaces.

Recently, wooden separators have come back into trend for creating corridors and cabins, and for reusing unused areas in apartments and offices. They can also be used as versatile home accessories. They give a modern and vintage look to any space. You can also use them as TV units and TV background panels. They are also perfect for staircase areas in duplex or triplex apartments. For unique design ideas, you can get advice from our interior designers at Dekonil.

What are the features of a wooden separator?

The wooden separator is made of high-quality Class 1 MDF material. This material does not fade over time and can be painted freely when desired. The surface is wipeable and water-based, without any foreign substances. You can easily use it in interior design to separate different areas.

Wooden separators are available in two sizes: 5 cm and 8 cm depth, each with a length of 280 cm. They are decorative products made of natural pine or wood material.

Decorative wooden separator prices in India

Prices for wooden separators vary depending on the size of the product. Click here to see prices and place an online order.

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February 24, 2024
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