The Most Useful Wallpaper Paintable Wallpaper

Paintable Wallpaper

The Most Useful Wallpaper Paintable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the decorative products that we often prefer in our homes and workplaces. One of the most important reasons for this is that wallpapers are extremely easy to use. It can be easily applied, easily cleaned and long-lasting products. It is also extremely easy to find wallpapers for every taste. You can choose wallpaper suitable for the spirit of your homes or workplaces among thousands of color and pattern options. One of the varieties of wallpapers is Paintable Wallpaper.

Paintable wallpapers are thicker products than normal wallpapers. These wallpapers, which have many different texture options, provide an aesthetic and stylish appearance when painted. It can be seen as more advantageous than normal wallpapers, because when you change the furniture or accessories of your home, you may have to change your wallpaper when it is incompatible with the color and pattern of your wallpapers. With paintable wallpaper, you will get rid of this problem. You can restore this harmony by painting your wallpaper in the changes you will make in your home and you will not have to change your wallpaper. Since the paintable feature of the wallpapers will provide renewal, they can be used much longer than normal. Thanks to its paintable feature, your walls and ceilings can always remain as new as on the first day. Since they are thicker than normal, if there is a cracked appearance on the walls or ceilings, it will also hide it. 

How to Apply Paintable Wallpapers and How to Paint?

It is possible to apply paintable wallpapers as normal wallpapers. Only the bonding process should be done faster due to its thickness. After completing the bonding process, the wallpaper should be waited for drying. After the adhesive dries, the desired color can be painted with all wall paints, just like a normal wall is painted. After painting, it will provide an aesthetic and natural wall appearance, the patterns of which will become more prominent.

What are the Features of Dekonil Seela Paintable Wallpaper?

One of the most preferred brands in paintable wallpaper is Seela Paintable Wallpaper. The production center of these wallpapers is Turkey. They are produced using premium quality paper. It has many patterns. These wallpapers, which can be used for a long time, can be used in all living spaces as well as frequently preferred in ceiling decorations. One roll covers an area of 25 m2 and is processed from zero to zero.

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August 29, 2021
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