Polymer Baseboards

Polymer Baseboards

Polymer Baseboards

Polymer baseboards have been used in homes, offices, and other structures for many years. Serving as a simple yet popular decoration system, baseboards define the transitions between the ceiling and walls, adding a structural element to the home. While in previous years, baseboards were made from the same materials as tiles applied to walls or floors, recent years have seen the use of polymer materials in their production. Polymer baseboards are utilized to complement the overall aesthetics of a space and come in various shapes and styles.

Types of Polymer Baseboards

Polymer baseboards can be categorized into two main types:

  1. Paintable Polymer Baseboards

    • Basic
    • Roma
    • Villa
    • Tokyo

    These are examples of paintable baseboards, and users can choose them based on their preferences.

  2. Decorative Embossed Polymer Baseboards

    • Gold vine embossed baseboard
    • White gold vine embossed baseboard
    • Antique vine embossed baseboard
    • Patina vine embossed baseboard
    • Silver vine embossed baseboard
    • White gold embossed baseboard
    • Silver embossed baseboard
    • Beech baseboard
    • Oak baseboard

    These are some examples of decorative embossed baseboards. There are numerous other designs with unique patterns and finishes that can be explored on the website.

Applications of Polymer Baseboards

While the primary areas of use for baseboards are homes and offices, they find application in various other places such as:

  • Mosques
  • Restaurants
  • Wedding venues

Polymer Baseboard Features

Baseboards come in various lengths, with popular sizes being 10 cm and 12 cm. The standard length is 240 cm, and the depth is typically 1.5 cm. Baseboards are resistant to impact, impervious to moisture and water, and boast a long lifespan. Prices for baseboards are determined per meter.

Installation of Polymer Baseboards

The installation of polymer baseboards is a straightforward process requiring only silicone. Cut the baseboards to fit the application area, then use strong silicone to mount them on the wall. For detailed guidance on installation, refer to the instructional videos available on the Dekonil.com website.

Placing an Order for Polymer Baseboards

There are multiple ways to place an order for polymer baseboards, including through the Dekonil website, social media accounts, or contacting them via phone. Orders can also be made in various stores in Istanbul and other parts of Turkey. Additionally, after making a purchase, customers can request professional installation. Payment options include credit card and bank transfer, with the possibility of installment payments for credit card transactions. For detailed information about baseboards and other products, contact them through their communication channels.

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January 23, 2024
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