2021 New Trend Paintable Polyurethane Pillars


2021 New Trend Paintable Polyurethane Pillars 

Dekonil paintable polyurethane pillar, wall and ceiling laths are becoming indispensable decorative products of all living room and place. Polyurethane pillars, which are the most important architectural components reflecting Greek and Roman architecture, make your spaces look richer. Polyurethane pillars in the restoration of historic structures, buildings, wedding hall, restaurant entrances and can use in many places. Pillars that carry the textures of history to the present can be painted with any interior painted you want. In addition, it is resistant to impacts and is not affect by water and humidity. 

Where Can I Use Paintable Polyurethane Pillars? 

You can choose our paintable polyurethane columns, which have become a part of decoration today, in all your living spaces. For example; You can use it in wedding hall entrances, stages, entertainment centers, villa entrances, specially built mansions and palaces. 

What are the Features of Paintable Polyurethane Pillars? 

Polyurethane pillars can be painted with any interior painted you want. 

You can choose paintable polyurethane pillars as half pillars or full pillars. You can choose paintable polyurethane pillars for exterior as well as interior.

Paintable Polyurethane Pillars are resistant to impacts and are not affected by water and humidity.

The Paintable Polyurethane Pillars length: 2 meters.

The head part of the pillars is 40 cm long and the foot part is 20 cm.

Total length: 2.60 cm. Diameter of Paintable Polyurethane Pillars is :30 cm.

How Are Paintable Polyurethane Pillars Assembled?

You can apply the paintable polyurethane pillars with the help of silicone or video. First you can place the foot part, then you can place the body part and finally you can mount the head part. You can paint Paintable Polyurethane Pillars with interior or exterior paints, or you can choose them in their raw form.


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August 29, 2021
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