Murella Italian Wallpapers


Murella Italian Wallpapers 

The leading wallpaper brands Zambaiti Parati Murella series is inspired by the perfection of Italian architecture. Murella we saw in the Italian series wallpaper, elegant damask on, we see reflections of reflections of precious marble and cultural values. As with all Zambaiti Parati wallpapers, this series was produced in Italy and inspired by the excellent architecture of Italy. Murella wallpapers provide heat and sound insulation, at the same time, murella wallpapers can be wiped with a soft cloth. Italy, the origins of Murella wallpapers, weight has a high and very high quality construction. 1 roll covers an area of 10 square meters, it is sold in rolls and it can be mounted easily to the wall with glue. 

Dimensions of Italian Wallpaper Murella Series Wallpaper;

It is 106 cm wide and 10 meters long. 1 roll covers a total of 10 square meters.

Features of Italian Wallpaper Murella Series.

Features of Italian wallpaper Murella series;

It provides heat and sound insulation.

Origin Italy. 

Vinyl-based base.

Products weight is high and very high quality.

It is in roll form. 

Bonding process by applying glue to the back of the wallpaper is performed. 

Soft clean with a damp cloth can be erased.

How to Install Italian Wallpaper Murella Series?

Murella wallpapers can be applied to a smooth plastered floor. Joints are easily concealed and do not shrink when dry. The next step after choosing your wallpaper is the application.You will need various auxiliary products when applying the wallpaper. These auxiliary products are glue, scissors, brush and wallpaper table. Wallpaper glue, which is most important in adhesive products assist in the application. Wallpaper paste is as a powder.


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August 29, 2021
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