Ideas for Decorating Ceiling

Original Ideas for Decorating Ceiling

Original Ideas for Decorating Ceiling

We always want the decoration of our homes, where we spend most of our lives and host our loved ones, to look beautiful, stylish and aesthetic. Today, there are many unique options and different decorative products for interior designs. Today, we will share with you beautiful decorative ideas for ceiling decoration, which is one of the important parts of home decoration.

Ceilings reflect the depth perception of the houses, and for this reason, they are at least as important and remarkable as the walls. When you complete your home's light source lighting with stylish ceiling decorations, you will have a much more eye-catching room. It is very easy to find decorative ideas for ceiling decoration that are suitable for the spirit of each house. Today, we will offer you unique designs for both magnificent spaces and simple and modern spaces. At the beginning of these designs, of course, there are palace ceilings, which are the most preferred by those who love magnificence and cannot break away from traditional textures.

Palace Ceilings Carrying the Ottoman Architectural Tradition to the Present 

Palace Ceilings; It is an indispensable decoration idea for stylish halls, flamboyant cafes and restaurants, magnificent hotels and many other living spaces. Palace ceilings, inspired by the Ottoman architectural tradition, are products with a wide variety of models and patterns. Available in White, Patina, Silver, Gold, Golden Burgundy and Golden Emerald. You can buy different sizes suitable for the square meter of each space and at the same time, you can choose from the optional oval, star, square and rectangular models. You will not encounter any negativity such as fading or flowing against water in the palace ceilings designed with fine workmanship and embroidery. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, it is a useful product. These ceilings, which will make the lighting more prominent, can be easily wiped and installed with an air gun very easily and quickly.

Paintable Ceiling Profiles and Motifs

If you are on the trail of an original design in ceiling decorations, you can carry your original design from walls to ceilings with paintable wall laths. With the laths you can create by creating squares, the perspective of your home will change and you will add depth to your room. You can paint the lath applications and use embroidered motifs to give it a more elegant and aesthetic appearance. Do not be ordinary in ceiling decoration, get ceilings that will reflect you and the spirit of your places with laths and motifs.

Stropier Ceiling Application

Stropier plaster boards, laths, cores and ceiling covering products are frequently preferred in recent days. The most important reason why these products are preferred more is the affordable price. At the same time, these products, which are made of stropier material, are paintable products. Ceiling trims provide heat and sound insulation and animate the bad empty appearance of the ceilings.


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August 29, 2021
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