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Decowall Wallpapers

Decowall wallpapers are one of the leading wallpaper brands in Turkey. Decawall, which offers its customers a choice of beautiful colors and patterns with the best quality, produces wallpapers in its factory in Mersin. It is also the first and only brand that produces above Turkish and European standards. The latest technology machines of Italian origin are used in production. Apart from the quality of its products, all patterns and models are unique and in line with the trends by the creative design team. They generally prefer textures inspired by nature and history in their designs. Being a brand respectful of nature to be separated from other brands and nature to be friendly Decowall constitute the basic vision. 

What are the Features of Decowall Wallpapers?

Decowall wallpapers are long lasting and first class quality products. Its life on the wall is as long as 15 years. Up to 10 years in Decowall assurance is guaranteed for 10 years. The most important and preferred feature of Decowall wallpapers is that they are resistant to water and humidity. At the same time, they do not show fading when exposed to the sun. Another important feature of them is that they guarantee that they will not cause any damage to the wall when it is desired to be removed from the wall. It is not affected by water and humidity and does not have any odor. Moisture and humidity certainly do not. It is extremely easy to clean and can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. Decowall, even in 3-step washing process gives the guarantee that it will damage the wallpaper. The dyes used in wallpapers and solvet phthalate-free water-based inks are preferred. You will not have stock shortages on the Decowall wallpaper models you like. Because they work in stock on all products and they reach their customers with fast shipping and delivery. Decowall wallpapers also prevent sound and heat transmission, which is one of the most important problems of homes. 

What are Decowall Wallpaper Collections?

Decowall wallpapers have many collections that bring together beautiful colors and patterns, each with a different concept. These collections, each trending: Orlando, Deco Stone, Harmony, Armani, Retro, Astor, Crown, Royal Port, Lamos, Venezia, Deco Kids, Bossini, Lucca Life, Galoria.


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August 29, 2021
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