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Dekonil Cheap Wallpapers

Turkey's largest decoration specialist Dekonil offers decorative ideas for every budget as well as products for every taste. Dekonil Cheap Wallpapers is one of the most preferred products for those who want to make a difference in their home without spending a lot of money. Dekonil cheap wallpapers are both budget-friendly and high quality products, and it is possible to find wallpapers suitable for almost every taste in this category. 

Patterns of Dekonil Cheap Wallpapers

There are beautiful and budget-friendly wallpapers suitable for all tastes and styles, whether plain or patterned, within the category of Dekonil cheap wallpapers. Stone pattern, wood pattern and brick pattern wallpapers, which are the most preferred and never out of fashion wallpapers, are among the favorite products of this category. In addition to these wallpapers, striped wallpapers and leaf-patterned wallpapers designed with inspiration from nature are also included in this category at the most affordable prices. Other patterns of these wallpapers, which are extremely diverse, are flamingo, popart, geometric, mosaic, etc. can be listed as. 

What are the Features of Dekonil Cheap Wallpapers?

Dekonil Cheap Wallpapers are sold in rolls and usually one roll covers an area of 5m2. Site prices are priced on rolls. It is a product that anyone can easily apply. It can be easily worked into the wall and easily disassembled. It is a paper-based product and is easy to clean. Wiping can be done with the help of a slightly damp cloth. It can be preferred in all living spaces, homes and workplaces. With no harm to human health, these products are odorless and environmentally friendly. 

How to Apply Dekonil Cheap Wallpapers?

The wall structure in which Dekonil Cheap Wallpapers can be processed is smooth walls with satin plaster. But usually the walls of the houses have been painted for years and therefore they lose their rough structure and become flat. You can apply these wallpapers with peace of mind on such flattened walls. Cheap Pattern Wallpapers are glued with the help of glue. While applying glue, it should be applied more to the edges. After applying the glue, wait 10-15 minutes and stick it from top to bottom. Here, a 60 cm allowance should be added to the ceiling when taking measurements. The remaining portion should be cut off. After sticking, air gaps should be removed with a clean cloth or sponge. During laying, care should be taken to stick the patterns side by side. 


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August 29, 2021
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