Black Wall Lath from Dekonil, the Leading Brand of Decoration


Black Wall Lath from Dekonil, the Leading Brand of Decoration

Wall and ceiling play a very important role in interior decoration. The touches on the walls and ceilings change the atmosphere of all spaces and make them much more eye-catching. A new trend is emerging every day regarding wall and ceiling decoration. Recently, gold, silver and paintable wall laths adorn the walls and ceilings. However, in recent years, different searches continue for wall laths, which have become indispensable for home decorations. Dekonil, the address of innovation and the leading brand of decoration, ends this search with its new black wall lath. 

The laths, the modern line of the houses, meet with the nobility of black and an extremely stylish and aesthetic product emerges. Black wall laths offer a more modern and unusual design and are already becoming indispensable for all living spaces. At the same time, Dekonil black wall laths can be used in furniture decorations, door and mirror decorations, wall panel and frame decor works and original designs can be created.

What are the Features of the New Favorite Black Wall Lath?

The new favorite of the laths, which have become the masterpiece of wall decoration, black wall laths are first quality products and are extremely useful. Decorative black wall laths are 240 cm long and 11.5 cm wide. It is resistant to impacts like paintable wall laths. It is not affected by water or any humidity. They are long-term products. It is extremely easy to clean. It can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth. They can be used without the need for any paint.

How is Dekonil Black Wall Laths Assembled?

Dekonil Black Wall Lath is extremely easy to install. It can be installed by anyone without the need for a master. It is adhered with white tape with silicone and silicone gun and after it dries, the tape is removed. Corner joints and gaps on the edges of the lath are filled with white mastic, thus creating a perfect appearance.

How much are the prices of  Dekonil Black Wall Laths 

No clear price information can be given for black wall slats. The main factor that determines the price is the model of the transaction to be made. At the same time, the square meter of the area to be built will change the price.


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August 29, 2021
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