3 Amazing Wall Decorating Ideas

Wall Decorating Ideas

3 Amazing Wall Decorating Ideas

We want the wall decoration of our homes, where we spend most of our time, to look more elegant and more aesthetic than ever. There are many decorative products available today to do this. Today, we will tell you three wonderful wall decoration ideas that have become popular recently and are extremely useful. 

Paintable Wall Laths

Paintable wall laths are a decorative idea that never gets old and out of fashion. The history of these laths, designed by creating rectangular and square frames suitable for all living spaces, is based on the history of civilization. You can make these frames more ostentatious by using a table, mirror or lighting inside these frames that you have created with laths. The slats are available in different thicknesses. You can use it as a nested frame or as a single frame. At the same time, you can create original models outside the frame with these laths.

The laths, which are fashionable in every period, are paintable. It can be used in the same color as the wall or in a different contrasting color. They are first quality products, the primary reason for their preference is that your assembly is very easy and everyone can do their own application without the need for a master. It is adhered with the help of silicone and does not cause any damage to the wall. When you order the slats cut to size, you will not encounter any dirt or dust during the application. You can clean it with a damp cloth. Finally, when you use these laths, which are the modern lines of your homes, with corner motifs that are more beautiful than the other, you create a more elegant and aesthetic appearance.

Asymmetrical Wall Laths

Asymmetrical wall laths are preferred a lot lately. However, since you can design your own with unique designs, it provides a different and stylish look in every house. Asymmetrical wall laths are paintable products and are usually painted differently from other walls of the house to make the design more visible. Asymmetrical wall laths are products that are very easy to assemble and clean. You can use it for a long time as it is resistant to moisture and impact.


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August 29, 2021
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