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With the reflection of modern living standards on our living spaces, wallpaper entered our lives as one of the pioneers of the innovative movement in the field of decoration. Contrary to the plain paints in different colors that have been customary for all these years, patterned and many various wall covering models are now showing themselves as a good decoration piece both in our homes, workplaces and public spaces. Although basic wall painting habits still continue, it is not overlooked that most people focus on the use of wallpaper for space decoration.

Wallpaper Models

Our wallpaper types; imported wallpaper, domestic wallpapers, plain wallpapers, patterned wallpapers, damask patterned wallpaper, stone patterned wallpaper, children's room wallpaper, teen room wallpaper, kitchen patterned wallpaper, paintable wallpapers, ceiling wallpaper, cork You can reflect your style on your walls as wallpaper, with imported or mushroom patterned imported wallpapers, 3 D dimensional wallpaper, personalized print wallpapers, floral wallpapers, project wallpapers and any image you want, send your special pictures.

Wall Lath

It is made of a light and durable material, which is the raw material of the wall laths. Being easy to carry and assemble prevents possible injuries. In addition, paintable wall laths can be easily and permanently painted with interior paints. On the other hand, the fact that it is a durable material allows you to use your wall laths for a long time without any problems. You can easily install and use paintable wall laths anywhere in your home or office. The paintable wall laths, which basically make the walls of the house and room have a more dimensional appearance, also offer an aesthetic appearance thanks to the vertical joints they form on the wall.

Wall Lath Models

The length of the paintable wall lath is 240 cm. Paintable Wall and Ceiling Profiles; Its raw material is 70% crystal and 30% antijote. Impact Resistant, Not Affected by Moisture and Water, Very High Quality, Long Life, Lightweight and Easy to Install. Our product is not like the Stropier and Foam in the Market.

Our paintable wall lath models are used both in wall decorations and ceiling decorations. Our decorative paintable wall lath models are used in furniture decorations, door and mirror decorations, wall panel frame decor works. Our products are clean and easy to install.

Palace Ceiling

One of the most curious works in decoration types in homes, workplaces and entertainment centers is the palace ceiling application. Many users wonder what the types are and how they are used, and they are frequently asked. For this reason, we found it appropriate to write an informative letter.

First of all, the reason why palace ceiling works are so popular is that the applied work makes the room or section in question much more magnificent. For this reason, it is a study that has been applied very frequently, especially recently. Therefore, many questions are asked about how the palace ceiling is applied, from which material it is produced and in what types it is applied.

Palace Ceiling Models

Ottoman Palace ceiling products are odorless and easy to apply. Made of premium quality material. It is assembled in a short time without dust and damage. It can be easily disassembled and can be carried easily because it is made of light material. It is made of polyurethane material. In palace ceiling products, we have Golden Rectangular Palace Ceiling, White Gold Palace Ceiling, Tumbled Palace Ceiling, Burgundy Gold Palace Ceiling, Patina Palace Ceiling and Silver Palace Ceiling. Palace ceiling products are available in the form of square palace ceiling, oval palace ceiling, rectangular palace ceiling, star palace ceiling. You can revive the atmosphere of your home or workplace and add depth. You can create your own style with rich model options and provide a perfect combination. You can provide your palace ceilings with a decoration that reflects the Ottoman splendor by using different concepts with papier-mâché, lath and motifs.

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