Polyurethane Floor Wiping Models

It is the name given to the horizontal belts prepared in the form of protrusions on the outer surface of the buildings, which are among the exterior cladding accessories. It can be prepared in the form of convex and concave, as well as it is designed as flat.

Polyurethane Floor Wiping Features

Today, the building materials used for the exterior of the buildings attract attention with the advantages they offer in terms of use, while adding an aesthetic beauty in terms of architecture. It has an important place among the options that make the exterior look decorative. These accessories, which provide a variety of models with different shapes during the application, provide a special appearance to the structures with their wide product selection.





Polyurethane Floor Wiping Prices

You can take a look at the multi-layer wiping models of this product produced for you, and when you find the model that suits you, you can contact us at our contact addresses to get a price quote or detailed information. In this way, we can offer you the product you want in a shorter time and in the best way.

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