Elmas Wall Lath Corner Motif 4cm
Elmas Wall Lath Corner Motif 4cm
Elmas Wall Lath Corner Motif 4cm
Elmas Wall Lath Corner Motif 4cm
Elmas Wall Lath Corner Motif 4cm

Elmas Wall Lath Corner Motif 4cm (D85008C)

Brand : Dekonil
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Artır Azalt

Decorative Paintable Wall Lath Corner Motif

Paintable wall motif is 4cm lath profile motif. Our price on the site is unit prices.

Paintable wall motif are used in both wall decorations and ceiling decorations. Our decorative Paintable wall motif are used in furniture decorations, door and mirror ornaments, wall panel frame decoration works. Our products are clean and easy to structure.

Decorative Paintable Wall Motif Features 

It is resistant to impact, not affected by moisture and water, very high quality, long-lasting, light and easily assembled. Our product is not like Stropiyer and Foam in the Market.

How to Apply Decorative Paintable Wall Motif ? 

You can glue paintable wall motif to the area to be applied with fast drying silicone. The silicone is stuck with a white tape until it dries and the tape is removed after it dries. With white mastic, corner joints, gaps on the edges of the lath and motif joints are filled, thus a perfect appearance is obtained. Wall laths and motifs can be painted with any kind of interior paint.  

Paintable wall motif Application Service

We provide Paintable wall motifapplication services in Istanbul. You can contact us for more information.

4 cm
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