Yalı MDF Süpürgelik Saten Beyaz 10 cm
Yalı MDF Süpürgelik Saten Beyaz 10 cm

Yalı MDF Skirting Board Satin White 10 cm (MDF1297-BEYAZ)

Brand : Dekonil
Price : $2.92
Discounted : $2.39
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Yalı MDF Skirting Board Satin White 10 cm

Its width is 10 cm and its length is 280 cm. Our prices on the site are valid for 1 meter. You can calculate the meters you need, add the total (2.8) and its multiples to the cart and purchase.

MDF Skirting Board Features

The raw material of the skirting boards is MDF . 

How to Apply MDF Skirting Board?

You can apply the skirting boards that you have previously cut at a 45-degree angle with a pneumatic nail gun or attach them with fast-drying silicone, depending on the dimensions of the area where you will make the application. Until the silicone dries, it is attached with white tape, and after it has dried, the tape is removed.


Satin White
10 cm
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