Ahşap Siyah Duvar ve Tavan Lambri 11,5cm
Ahşap Siyah Duvar ve Tavan Lambri 11,5cm
Dekoratif Ceviz Duvar ve Tavan Lambri 11,5cm
Wooden Black Wall and Ceiling Laminate 11.5cm

Wooden Black Wall and Ceiling Laminate 11.5cm (DWP120-AS)

Brand : Dekonil
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Vat included : $2.21
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Wooden Black Wall and Ceiling Laminate 11.5cm

The width of the Dekonil Laminate is 11.5 cm, and its length is 290 cm. The price on our website is the unit price for 1 meter in width and 11.5 cm in length (11.5 cm x 100 cm). You can create your order by adding the quantity you need, in increments of 2.9 meters, to your basket.

Polymer Wall and Ceiling Laminate Features Our wall and ceiling laminates are resistant to water, humidity, and impact. The raw material is polymer, and our luxury decorative laminate profiles are used for both wall decoration and ceiling decoration. Our product is not like typical market stucco or foam.

Wall and Ceiling Laminate Dimensions

Width:11.5 cm

Depth: 1.2 cm

Length: 2.90 cm




Wall and Ceiling Laminate Application

The installation of laminate wall panels is done with a saw and silicone. You can easily cut them to your desired dimensions with a saw or machine and securely attach them to the application area with silicone. If needed, additional application can be done with a pneumatic nail gun from both above and below. We offer installation services; feel free to contact us for professional assistance.

11,5 cm
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