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Murella Wallpapers

Murella Italian Wallpaper with High Quality Production; It provides heat and sound insulation. Origin Italy / Imported, Dense vinyl Wallpaper. It is in roll form. The glue is applied to the back of the wallpaper and the bonding process is carried out.

Murella italian Wallpaper Models

Murella Series Wall Papers Purchased by Zambaiti Parati Factory can be purchased without any problem at Online Site in Turkey, or they can be supplied at Dekonil Sales Points.

Zambaiti Parati Murella Wallpapers

Murella Wallpaper is an iconic, innovative and dynamic collection. Top quality products made entirely in Italy, using the latest technology to bring the perfect furniture to life. Staying true to the Murella innovative spirit, this collection proudly introduces new trends in home decor.

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