Decowall Salda Desenli Duvar Kağıdı 610-01
Decowall Salda Desenli Duvar Kağıdı 610-01
Decowall Salda Desenli Duvar Kağıdı 610-01

Decowall Salda Patterned Wallpaper 610-01 (610-01)

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Vat included : $32.00
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Artır Azalt

Decowall Salda Wallpaper

Width:1,06 cm Length:15,6 m (16m²)

 Covers 16 meter square area

Decowall Salda Duvar Features

Made of Nonwowen paper. Does not stain and dirt. It's easy to clean. %100 oranında silinebilir ve hijyeniktir.

Has resistant to sunlight and does not fade away .

It is healthy and natural, has antibacterial and breathable properties.

It has acoustic and sound absorbing properties.

It does not contain carcinogenic substances and does not smell.

How to Apply Decowall Salda Wallpaper?

Wall structure that can be processed: We recommend it to be used on lightly rough walls that are not very distorted and on smooth walls with satin plaster. In general, the walls have been painted many times for years and become flattened, they can also be used on these types of walls, but since these wallpapers are in vinyl (plastic) texture, they are definitely processed side by side. For this reason, attention should be paid to the smoothness of the wall.

106cm*16m (16m²)
Vinly Nonwoven
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