Decowall Odessa Düz Duvar Kağıdı 2504-03
Decowall Odessa Düz Duvar Kağıdı 2504-03

Decowall Odessa Plain Wallpaper 2504-03 (2504-03)

Vat included : $50.40
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Vat included : $42.00
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Artır Azalt

Decowall Odessa Wallpaper

Width: 106 cm Length: 16 m (16m²)

Area Covered: It covers an area of ​​16 square meters.

The above price is the price of 1 roll.

Decowall Odessa Wallpaper Features

Its origin is Turkey. The surface (outer layer) of the product is vinyl. It can be deleted. Wiping is done using a damp cloth. It is very easy and convenient to work on the wall. When the product is processed on the wall, it is processed flush with each other, without overlapping.

How to Apply Decowall Odessa Wallpaper?

Wall structure on which it can be processed: We recommend its use on slightly rough walls that are not too damaged and smooth walls with satin plaster. Generally, the walls have been painted many times for years and become flat, so they can be used on these types of walls, but since these wallpapers have a vinyl (plastic) texture, they must be processed side by side, so care must be taken to ensure that the wall is smooth.

Processing on the wall: Patterns are processed side by side.

106cm*16m (16m²)
Vinly Nonwoven
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