Beech Frame Profile 3-cm
Beech Frame Profile 3-cm
Kayın Çerçeve Profili 3cm
Kayın Çerçeve Profili 3cm

Beech Frame Profile 3-cm (DL120-KKM)

Brand : Dekonil
Price : $2.30
Discounted : $2.03
Stock Amount : 2000


Artır Azalt

Beech Frame Profile 3cm

The width of the frame profile is 3 cm and the length is 290 cm. Our price on the  site is the unit price of 3 cm in width and 1 meter in length (3cmx100cm). You can calculate the meter you need and add the total to the cart and buy.

Frame profile water, moisture, impact resistant, ceiling and wall covering paneling models. Our luxury decorative paneling profiles models, which are produced for use in bathrooms, balconies, office decorations, hotel decorations, store decorations, and restaurant decorations, designs are used in both wall decorations and ceiling decorations. Our products can be installed clean and easily.

Beech Frame Profile Features

Width : 3cm , Height : 290 cm 

Our Wall and Ceiling Profiles; Impact Resistant, Not Affected by Moisture and Water, High Quality, Long Life, Lightweight and Easy to Install. Our product is not like the Stropier and Foam in the Market.

Kayın Bakır
3 cm
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