Adawall Tropicano Striped Wallpaper 9910-3
Adawall Tropicano Striped Wallpaper 9910-3

Adawall Tropicano Striped Wallpaper 9910-3 (9910-3 / 15.6 MTR)

Price : $64.80
Discounted : $54.00
Stock Amount : 121

Adawall Wallpaper

Width: 106 cm Length: 16 mt (16m²)  

The above price is for 1 roll .

Base : Non-Woven + Vinyl Coated Paper

Wallpaper Features  

It can be removed. It can be wiped using a damp cloth. It is very easy and comfortable to work on the wall. Easy to remove. It is not resistant to fire. Provides heat and sound insulation. It is a product that is friendly to Human Health and Environment. It does not smell during and after the application.

How to Apply the Wallpaper ?

Workable wall structure: We recommend it to be used on smooth walls and smooth walls with satin plaster.

Application: Before starting the application, make sure that the printing numbers on the labels inside the rolls you purchased are the same. First of all, the wall to be applied must be clean and smooth. Fold the papers you marked according to the size of your wall and cut them with scissors. While applying the glue process, glue it so that there is no dry place and apply a little extra, especially on the edges. After the gluing process is finished, leave it to wait for 10-15 minutes. Starting from the vertical line obtained, the first size is attached to the wall. Air gaps are removed from the pasted paper with a clean cloth or sponge. The excess paper is cut from the bottom and stuck again. During laying, the same patterns should be glued side by side at the same height.

106cm*16m (16m²)
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