Adawall Seyyah Wallpaper

Seyyah Wallpaper Models and Prices

A wise traveler would wander the land in hopes of finding sights that would be appreciated by all. He continued his travels until there was no place he had not seen nor visited in the seven heifers. One day he found himself in a small village. All the people in this village were smiling and singing. He asked the first local he saw why “I always travel, but this is the first time I've seen so many happy people together. Why is everyone so cheerful here?”. The man turned to the Traveler and said, “Look around, but look carefully. That's when you'll understand. We learned to live every moment of the day and appreciate the sights we see all the time.” When the traveler looked up and looked around, only one word came to mind: “timeless”. He noticed that he did not always pay attention to what he saw constantly in the places he visited. What he was seeking has always been in front of his eyes, in the classics.

As Adawall, we love different patterns. Although we seek everywhere like travelers, we also appreciate the return to stillness and classicism after difference. The Seyyah collection reminds us of exactly this concept. In the collection, we offer you classic patterns and colors that do not age with time and will always attract attention.

Seyyah, which means a constant traveler who wanders far away lands, invites you to tour the land and find peace in the stillness.

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