Adawall Seven Wallpaper

Let us discover the stunning existence of seven together… Initially, the ones come up with the creation of the Universe and the World: There are seven planets around the Earth, the figurative number of seas is seven, there are seven continents of the World, The Great Bear consists of seven stars, rainbow includes seven different colors, and humans have seven senses and so on. Secondly, seven is a special number for different cultures and religions too. For example, in Islam people circumambulate around Kaaba for seven times, in Catholics there are seven sacraments of Catholics Church, in Jews sacred menorah includes seven branches and so on. Eventually, we see seven very often as a regulatory and a deterministic number that is given by human. To give examples, one week consists of seven days, in music there are seven notes, there are Seven Wonders of the World and so on.

Classic Modern Wallpaper Models



In Adawall’s seventh catalogue which is called “Seven”, there are patterns have mysteriously deep inside and figures that are seen very pure but actually gloriously detailed. Just as seven is not only a number, the wallpapers in this catalogue are not only decorative papers but very unique.

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