Adawall Beta Wallpaper

“Less is more”… That interpretation belongs to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe which is getting popularity and continuing to be embraced worldwide rapidly, was also a key motto for us because it impressed our designers in the process of creating “Beta” collection. His words mean some expressions such as “When it becomes less it seems like more.” or “concisely” that asserts when a modest and smooth design is prufied from exaggerateddetails, it becomes stronger than a flashy design. When this approach is heard for the first time, it may sound very assertive, but we suggest you to evaluate it again after you see our new collection “Beta”!

Plain and Minimalist Wallpaper Models

“Beta” collection which will break a new ground on the minimalist design is somehow a proof for striking simplicity of modern art and glamorous deepness of sophisticated elegance. “Beta” is designed as the second vol of Alfa collection series that consolidates AdaWalls’ position at the peak by offering you a very special design series.



The collection consists of conformist models that geometric shapes are blended gracefully and iconic patterns are composed with abstract transition figures will become a unforgettable experience sequence for our customers.

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