Adawall Acoustic Wallpaper

Transfer to the information which is called as communication is between sender and receiver. No matter how good the sender indicates the information or no matter how good listener is, any efficent communication has not been if there is an acoustic hindernis in the environment.

EDUCATION: Performed researches show thatthe clearness of teachers in schools decrease 50 % ratio from 4 meter. This means students do not catch each one in two words. It does not mean that they do not have necessary education. But they must try harder to catch that they have missed because of the roaring. The big thing that cause this situation is the time of echo. Sound echos approximately 1.2 second in a class. According to the research this sound level can be decreased till 0.4 seconds via Adawall Acoustic Wall Paper.

RESTAURANT: We prefer the restaurants that we go, appeal the eye, if the environment is crowded we try hard make hear oursounds to the person next to us. This situation is caused that restaurant has decoration appel to eye not hear.

OFFICE: Our topic is office environment. We pass the most past of day by working in offices. There are Office designers but where is the sound designers of working places ?The working environment is actually the place where a person should be the most productive during the day. But the noise level leads a big obstacle to this. It makes the employee less efficient. It causes employees to enjoy less in teamwork and disturbs their efficiency by interrupting their concentration.

LIVING PLACES: The last issue that I must state is our homes as our permanent living places. There are interior archirectures but where are interiour sound designers? Actually what I want to state is invisible architecture. This design is related to experience not apperance.The target of AdaWall Acustic Wall Paper is to create emotional environment as visual. Places with sound insulation in our homes make us feel better, be healtier, develop our social manner and be more efficient person.

Do not forget to look at Adawall Acoustic Wall Paper serie in order to have calmer and healthier life. 

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